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Federer's Shot Was So Good, Kyrgios Is Instagramming It!

Roger Federer hit a shot in the third set of his third-round match against Nick Kyrgios at the US Open on Saturday that was so good, the Australian said he might even put it on his own Instagram.
The No. 2 seed sprinted forward to chase a Kyrgios drop shot at 3-3, shoveling a forehand around the netpost for a winner down the line from a few feet outside the doubles alley.

…………Serious?@rogerfederer delivers the shot of the tournament!

Sit back and enjoy…#USOpen
— US Open Tennis (@usopen) September 1, 2018
“It was definitely one of the more unique ones. Like I explained on court, you don’t get an opportunity to hit around the net post very often, because in practice, you can’t really train them,” said Federer, who would triumph in straight sets to reach the fourth round. “The net is out further and the court is more narrow, so for a shot like this to happen in a practice, you will be running into a fence and you will hit it into the net.
“I have hit a few throughout my career, and, sure, they are always fun, just because sometimes you can sort of aim for it because you realise you have an option more, which you just never have. As you’re hitting it, you’re, like, ‘Oh, I can just shove it down the line and just flat’. That’s what happened today.”
You might expect the player on the wrong end of that shot to be discouraged by it. But Kyrgios was simply left with his mouth agape, as he was in awe of Federer’s magic.

“It was almost unreal. Almost got to the point where I wanted him to start making shots like that, and I finally got it. I was pretty happy with myself,” Kyrgios said. “It was unbelievable. I’m probably going to place it on Instagram.” 
It won’t be the first Federer hot shot posted on social media over the years. The 98-time tour-level champion has had his fair of highlight-reel-worthy moments.
“I definitely think it was a special one, no doubt about it,” Federer said of Saturday’s shot. “I do believe the smash off the smash against [Andy] Roddick [in Basel in 2002] was special just because it was way back in the court, as well. And then there was one more in Dubai [in 2005] against [Andre] Agassi on break point. I was able to flick a ball. I still don’t know how I did it today. It went for a lob over him. I don’t know. It was just a massive point on top of it, and it was against Andre.”
But today’s shovel down the line is certainly up there, and when a shot is memorable in Federer’s book, you know it was pretty special.
Source: ATP World Tour

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