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FedEx ATP Rankings COVID-19 Adjustments FAQ

The FedEx ATP Rankings were adjusted in early summer from the traditional 12-month ranking to a Best of 22-month ranking with the goal of preserving the principles of merit, fairness and mobility despite the disruption caused by COVID-19. (The FedEx ATP Rankings were frozen from 16 March, just days after the Tour was suspended, until 24 August.)
In October, due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, ATP announced that it would move to a Best of 24-month ranking, extending the current ranking approach through and including the week of 1 March 2021. All events continue to be non-mandatory through this period.
Why were the first changes made to the FedEx ATP Rankings?
At the time of the changes, due to the uncertainty of the calendar through 2020 as a result of COVID-19, it was determined that points from the 16 March 2020 Rankings would stay frozen and stay on a player’s ranking through the extended ranking period. Additionally, this provided stability to players who did not feel comfortable travelling and competing due to the pandemic.
How will Tour-level events played after the Tour resumption count toward a player’s ranking?
Players who have played the same Tour-level event twice during the ’24 month best of ranking’ period can count the best result from the same tournament. The most recent result will only be included in his Rankings breakdown if it is better than the earlier result. (Tour-level includes ATP and Grand Slam events)
How will ATP Challenger Tour /ITF World Tennis Tour events played after the Tour resumption count toward a player’s ranking?
Any points obtained at ATP Challenger Tour/ITF World Tennis Tour events upon Tour resumption will be considered among a player’s ‘Best of Other Countable’ results. A player’s result obtained after the Tour’s resumption that is not better than his lowest ‘Best of Other Countable’ results will be included in the Non-Countable results on his ranking breakdown.
Why are ATP Challenger Tour/ITF World Tennis Tour events being added differently than Tour-level events?
ATP Challenger Tour and ITF World Tennis Tour events are scheduled on a one-year basis and do not have consistent spots in the calendar. Therefore, all results from these events will be added to a player’s Rankings breakdown. However, results will only improve a player’s point total if better than a player’s lowest ‘Best of Other Countable’ result.
How will qualifications be handled for the 2021 Nitto ATP Finals and the 2021 NextGen ATP Finals?
The Race To Turin and the Race To Milan will count all events played in 2021 only. A player’s year-end Race position may not coincide with his FedEx ATP Ranking.
Will the way a player’s Ranking breakdown be calculated differently in 2021?
Yes. The breakdown – for singles and doubles – will include 19 events for all players starting in 2021. *In singles, the Nitto ATP Finals is an extra event (20th) in the ranking breakdown. Top players who compete at all mandatory events will have the following breakdown:

One (1) Nitto ATP Finals* (additional event in the ranking breakdown)
Four (4) Grand Slams
Eight (8) mandatory Masters 1000s
Seven (7) ‘Best Other’ (ATP Cup, ATP 500, ATP 250, Challenger, ITF)

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– This story was updated 24 November, 2020.
Source: ATP World Tour

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