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Jarry Lost His Girlfriend's Phone And Lived To Talk About It

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In southwest Switzerland, Chilean Nicolas Jarry feels almost as if he’s playing at home. The conditions – dry, with a bit of altitude – and the clay courts at the Banque Eric Sturdza Geneva Open remind the 23-year-old of growing up on the red dirt in his hometown of Santiago, Chile.
On sunny days, like Wednesday, the 6’6” Jarry especially enjoys the homey feeling as his forehand flies through the air even faster than usual and his serve kicks up a few inches more.
Jarry used the conditions to his favour against American Denis Kudla, winning 82 per cent of his service points and never facing a break point while advancing to quarter-finals of the ATP 250 event 6-3, 6-3. The Chilean also made the quarter-finals at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell last month.
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“The best thing was my serve. It was a hot day, so the bounce was really high and the court is not so big, so my serve was really effective,” Jarry told “If he hit a medium return, I was very quick to take my forehand and keep being aggressive and keep having the point on my side.”
Jarry, who faces Japan’s Taro Daniel next, also spoke with about his life off the court, including why he’s lukcy his girlfriend isn’t mad at him, why he no longer strings his racquets and which Barcelona football player he got a selfie with in this latest edition of “The Last Time”.

I missed a flight?
This year, coming from… Munich-Madrid, Madrid-Santiago. It was snowing all night in Munich, so we got a delayed departure of two hours, and we arrived about 30 minutes before the departure of the [Madrid-Santiago] flight. We ran all over the Madrid airport. It’s gigantic. I arrived sweating, and they closed the door. We could still see the airplane. It had the [passenger arm] still in the airplane.
But they didn’t let us in. It was really bad. We were like seven, eight guys who missed that flight… I ended up changing that flight and buying a new one straight to Cordoba.
I lost something important?
I lost my girlfriend’s phone and wallet, all in one, this week. I left it in the hotel reception.
How’s she feeling about that?
Thank God, not so bad. She’s not a phone necessity person. So it was OK, she’s using my phone now… [About her wallet] I have to pay for everything, but that’s OK. The thing is that she has to do everything [with her wallet] when she returns home.
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Being famous helped me?
On flights, I can try to see the pilots’ seats, I can get extra meals… That happened this year coming from Australia… The flight attendants recognised me on a Chilean flight, Australia to Santiago… I asked for two meals, and they let me. They’re small portions, and I eat a lot.
I strung a tennis racquet?
I used to string all my tennis racquets throughout my childhood until last year. Last year, I started the year saying, ‘OK, now I’m going to start paying.’… I’m paying for it now, but I have more free time.
I asked someone famous for an autograph or selfie?
Carles Puyol, the Barcelona football player. I took a picture with him in Miami this year… I usually never ask for pictures and stuff, but the guy is an idol, he’s a great player and I saw him. I was in the gym, and I left my bike and went to straight to him and asked for a picture.
Source: ATP World Tour

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